Calming the mind with Nature

As the scientific evidence begins to mount, much of it points to the old adage of when feeling down to go take a stroll in the woods. Being in close proximity to trees has shown positive effects on mental illness, ADHD, concentration levels, depression and reaction times. This has been written about by Matthew Silverstone in Blinded by Science (2011), where he looks at various aspects of Nature and the interaction with human mind and body. Essentially, tree hugging is not so laughable with the studies showing measurable decreases in the symptoms of stress. Also expanded upon in the book is that children benefit greatly from being around green plants, showing improved cognitive and emotional function, as well as creativity. If we take a step back, is this so surprising? We have spent far more of our evolutionary history in natural environments compared to our modern homes and offices. Our genome does not forget that easily.

teenagers sitting in a tree