Urban Greening with the NCS

On Friday a group of young adults got their hands dirty and transformed a rockery in Roundwood Park in London. This was not easy going with hard soils from the heat wave, but with a bit of persistence and team effort an array of colour and variety was introduced, with apparent satisfaction from this team participating in The Challenge, as apart of the National Citizen Service (NCS).

Teratrees is a partner organisation for the NCS, with our objective of connecting young people with nature and greening London landscapes.

NCS gardening

Transforming a rockery in Brent!

National Citizen Service Launch Teratrees Campaigns

During summer and half-term the National Citizen Service (NCS) run a programme for 15 – 17 year olds called The Challenge. This three week set of activities (indoor and outdoor) helps build skills, confidence and a way to make friends. Continuing on from last year the NCS will be using Teratrees as a partner organisation for some of the outdoor activities – in this case planting trees in the parks of London!

National Citizen Service

Hopefully there will be some rain to break up the heat wave, however, the young trees planted will be watered appropriately. Summer is never ideal for tree planting, but the species chosen (silver birch) are more resilient when planted together as a grove.

Starting off a campaign, the 2018 Perham team (Peratrees) have launched a campaign on the platform and can be found by logging in to the Teratrees website and viewing the campaign tab. Each tree is 100 Tera, which is £5. Tera will need to be purchased before supporting their campaign.

silver birch

A grove of silver birch