Regeneration and Rebirth

With the tilt of the Earth at 23.4° now working in the Northern Hemisphere’s favour, thereby collecting more solar radiation and awakening dormant seeds and buds in trees and plants. Spring is a time of regeneration and the fresh green colours are vibrant at this time of year, showing off their vitality and cells packed with chlorophyll to harvest energy from the Sun.

spring leaves

Fresh green leaves of spring.

Bluebells are out providing tones of blue and are protected under English law.

Bluebells poking through the trees.



Bluebells take 5 -7 years to establish.


Young calves also enjoy the spring, with new sights and sounds appearing.

A symbol seen across Europe in churches, with archetypal links to Osiris, St George and Al Khidr, is the Green Man. The Green Man is a potent symbol representing regeneration, renewal and rebirth, as well as human connection with Nature.

Green Man at Rosslyn Chapel (Johanne McInnis)