Sinclair House Students Green Bishops Park

On a frosty Tuesday morning, 41 young students from Sinclair House School led by the Pastoral Deputy Head, Ms Charlotte Wheeler, made their way to Bishops Park. Armed with trowel and big smiles, they proceeded to plant 60 native hornbeam trees to help the park with their hedge. Hedges are also important for wildlife ecosystems such as birds.

planting hornbeams with Teratrees

Smiling faces after 60 native hornbeams are planted


The Council were much appreciative as budgets are stretched, thus with the support of the parents of the students and teaching staff, these trees could be funded and planted. The trees will also have stakes and plastic tubes for protection.

One of the objectives of Teratrees is to connect children with nature, and this was a great success. Further projects may well occur in Bishops Park to help sustain the park and help with the local air quality.