Sinclair House School Launch a Teratrees Campaign

Sinclair House Preparatory School in Fulham have launched a campaign to green their local neighbourhood! They will be planting native hornbeam trees in Bishops Park, a place they often frequent for school activities.

Sinclair House School

The planting of these trees will help these young students to connect with nature, as well as to improve the local air quality which is much needed in London!

To support their campaign, register on the home page by clicking on the pink button. Then,

  1. You will automatically land on the Campaign tab when you login.
  2. Top up with Tera, our currency (£1 = 20 Tera)
  3. Click on the Sinclair House Goes Green campaign, you will see Common Hornbeam in the window below.
  4. Click on the green tick to buy a tree. One tree is going for 120 Tera (£6).
  5. Once it is planted it will appear in My Teratrees>My Garden. Your transactions can be seen by clicking on the History button in the Account tab.
american hornbeam

A mature hornbeam