The National Citizen Service Launch a Teratrees Campaign

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a programme engaging 15 – 17 year olds across the country and in 2016 became on ‘permanent statutory footing’ indicating the UK government’s commitment and recognition of the benefits of the NCS. Over 200 000 young people have taken part in it since its inception and it is now recommended by UCAS to bolster personal statements.

National Citizen Service

One key programme of the NCS is called The Challenge. This is an exciting 3-week programme that involves outdoor adventures, learning new skills, and launcing social action projects. This year, Teratrees is a social action partner and the platform will be used by a group of 12 students from the Borough of Brent to green their community!

Silver birch

A row of silver birches (Betula pendula)

This group of young adults have now launced a campaign and will plant silver birches (Betula pendula) in Brent. As part of their skills development it creates a great opportunity for them to run their own campaign to engage the community to support them planting these trees. It also connects these students with nature, which is one of the key objectives of Teratrees.

To support their campaign and help green their London borough, follow these steps:

  1. Register and login to Teratrees
  2. Top up with our currency called Tera by clicking the Top up button. Note £1 is equal to 20 Tera.
  3. Click on the ‘NCS Stems‘ campaign in the Campaign tab. Trees will appear in the lower window.
  4.  In the lower window, click on the green tick green tick to buy a silver birch for 100 Tera
  5. Once they have planted your tree, it will appear in My Garden under the My Teratrees tab!

Silver birch have been purposefully selected as they are hardy trees when planted together and will have a good chance of surviving the summer. They will also be watered during the summer through watering contracts of Brent Council, via a special favor of Veolia. These trees will be planted in Roundwood Park.

Ursuline High School Launches a Campaign!

Ursuline High School

Ursuline High School’s Year 7 Student Council have launched a Teratrees campaign to green their grounds!

This campaign has seen the students compose their own letter to parents to encourage support, outlying the benefits of contact with nature and all that trees offer. The students also produced a Powerpoint presentation to present to the rest of the student body and will continue to market the campaign in Enterprise Week.

This campaign will run through to October, when the trees which have been supported, will be delivered and then planted by the students.

To see the campaign, register or login to Teratrees, and click on the UHS Goes Green campaign in the campaign tab. In the lower window will be the list of trees and shrubs. To support one of these first top-up with Tera (our virtual currency) via the Top-up button. After topping-up, a tree can be purchased by clicking on the green tick in the Buy column. After the students plant your tree it will appear in My Garden in the My Teratrees section!

This is a fantastic opportunity to support students’ contact with nature, while improving the Borough of Merton’s air quality and natural drainage systems. Many of the trees are native species to support England’s ecosystems and insect population.