Flash Mob Garden for Wimbledon Piazza

Teratrees lent a hand to a Chelsea Fringe event that resulted in a garden appearing during the day at the Wimbledon Piazza. People enjoyed the greenery and many had time to relax in a deck chair!


IMG_4596 Curt and Ryan and tree compressed

Curt and Ryan setting up

IMG_4597 Alison and bug hotel compressed

Alison and the bug hotel!

IMG_4600 Fab and Martin compressed

Time to enjoy the sun!

IMG_4602 loo and bike compressed

Looking rather rustic!

IMG_4613 group compressed

Assembling the team

IMG_4617 Ben and Curt compressed

Ben and Curt enjoying the view.

Wimbledon Piazza looking rather tropical!

Wimbledon Piazza looking rather tropical!