School Will Get More Trees and Make a Profit

Teratrees is working with Raynes Park High School and their student business team, SMPLFi, as part of the Young Enterprise competition.

SMPLFi - The Raynes Park High School student company

SMPLFi – The Raynes Park High School student company

Using the Teratrees trading platform, this young team of entrepreneurs is going out to source requests to plant trees at their school (called Placing a Bid on the platform). Businesses and individuals will be offered a choice of three types of trees to be planted at their school – this requires them to register, topup with Teras and place the bid for the tree. Once these bids are on the market, SMPLfi can accept the bids, order those trees and plant them, with the difference between the cost of the tree and the bid value being profit for their team!

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SMPLFi and Teratrees: Working together to green their school!

This allows this ambitious team to green their school without being dependent on local authority funding, while also providing brand exposure to businesses and helping them to fulfil corporate responsibility requirements. It also allows the local community to get involved and help green the area!

Young Enterprise Competition

Young Enterprise Competition



Going places…Raynes Park High School’s company

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